Spa Lifting Services in Orange County, CA

Parks Crane performs excellent service by lifting your spas where they need to go.  We invite you to check out this video to give you clarity of our workmanship. 


Our spa lifting services being performed in a neighborhood in Orange County, CA

Dear Parks Crane Service

I can't thank you enough for the terrific job you did moving and placing our dog house.  This was a very stressful situation for me as the dog house wasn't delivered on a flat bed as promised.


Everything went smoothly...

...with no problems, because of the professional manner of Craig and his crew.  They worked around the obstacles and kept a totally positive attitude.


When we are ready to buy and move our spa, I know who to call.  I wouldn't consider using anyone else for the job.

Thanks again,

Marcia, Frank, and Peaches Markley

Spa and BBQ Transport


Are you in need of spa or BBQ transportation?

Here is a list of several reputable companies that we have worked with on numerous occasions.

Spa and BBQ Transporters

Taylor Moore


The Original Spa Transport

Lou Lara

4885 Emmerson St.

Riverside, CA 92504


Over 24 years experience

West Coast Deliveries

Dave Pfannenstiel


Corona BBQ Islands